Installation Qualification "IQ"

This step applies to an installation / hardware / system / new or after a major change.
This step can be summarized as verifying everything that is described in the specifications, and that it can be verified without running the installation / equipment.
For example: Dimensions, materials, welds, instrumentation (type and calibration), connection to utilities, attached documents (instruction, plans, as built...)

The protocols and connections of this step can possibly, for technical reasons, be done by the supplier (example: verification of the implantation of the probes and their type, before insulation).
In any case, it is done in close collaboration with the designers and installers.

The installation qualification stops when, to continue checking, press the "ON" button
However, during this phase, it will be necessary during the assembly of the ventilation ducts to perform tightness tests of the installed duct networks, in order to minimize air leakage, especially during final filter integrity tests. which will be carried out during the QO qualifications.