Performance Qualification "PQ"

Obtaining and documenting evidence that the equipment received will provide an acceptable product to the extent that it will be used in accordance with the process specifications.
These achievements lead to the drafting of duly documented minutes.
After validation of the test results by the customer, the equipment can be considered as being put into service.
During QP, instruments / instruments with calibration certificates may be used for the following checks:

- Particle count with classification of premises

- Control of climatic conditions

- Recovery time control (Recovery test)

Treatment of nonconformities of IQ - OQ - PQ qualifications:

The purpose is to list the elements of the reports that are not in conformity, to discuss the reason for the non-compliance and to describe the modifications envisaged.

- Description of the nonconformity

- Description of the proposed change

- Obtained result

- Conformity after modification