IMC METROLOGIE is a service company whose main activities is calibrated, qualification and verification of measuring equipment.

IMC METROLOGIE places at the disposal of its personnel all the necessary material and immaterial resources and engages in a collective dynamic of continuous improvement of the efficiency of the quality management system for the purpose to increase the satisfaction of its customers. 

Management is committed to ISO / IEC 17025 and TUNAC documents as a model for organization and management in the laboratory and to set up a quality policy aimed at the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the quality system.

This policy focuses on the following areas:
 - Maintenance of accreditation of calibration domains according to ISO / IEC 17025 by the accreditation body TUNAC.
 - Development of the accreditation field to meet the needs of clients.
 - Satisfaction of customers buys services performed in accordance with their expectations, their requirements and standards in force.
 - Increased business performance

To achieve these goals, management is committed to ensuring:

    - the establishment of an adequate infrastructure.

   - Implementation of a quality management system in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025 and TUNAC documents

   - The acquisition from world-renowned suppliers of work standards connected to the international chain.

   - Satisfaction with regulatory and legal requirements.

  - Impartiality, confidentiality and independence to its clients and the authorities.
 - The provision for the personnel of all the necessary resources that may affect the quality of the services provided by the service (continuous training, recruitment of new employees, the acquisition of high calibration equipment quality...).
 - The involvement and motivation of the staff.
 - Listening to customers and collaborators to improve the quality of service and the satisfaction rate.
All persons involved in the system who intervene directly or indirectly in the realization benefits calibration.